8th Grade Promotion

Let’s Make 8th Grade Promotion Extraordinary!

The PTSA is thrilled to be a part of sending our 8th graders off to high school, but we can’t do it alone! We’re counting on your incredible support to give them a memorable send-off that they truly deserve. 🎓

What’s on our wishlist?

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony: Picture the excitement on their faces when they walk into a beautifully decorated hall. Your support will help us create a magical atmosphere with decorations and supplies that make this ceremony unforgettable. 🎈

8th Grade Promotion Dance Party: The DJ’s spinning the latest hits, delicious food is on the menu, and a photographer is capturing memories in the making. Your generosity will ensure that our 8th graders dance the night away in style! 🕺

8th Grade “Breakfast in the Park”: It’s their last day of school, and we want to kick it off in a grand way! Imagine all our students coming together at 9 am for a delightful breakfast in the park. Your support will make sure everyone leaves with full hearts and full bellies. 🌅

By contributing to these fantastic events, you’re not just providing financial support; you’re creating lasting memories for our students as they transition to high school. Your kindness will help make this momentous occasion even more special!

Join us in making the 8th Grade Promotion extraordinary. Let’s come together and show these young scholars the community’s love and support they deserve. Your generosity makes all the difference! 🎉🎓