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Arrr, mateys! Ride to support the PGMS and PGHS PTAs!

Buy tickets or annual passes from April 22 through May 5 using the promo code BREAKERS at checkout and 30% of the proceeds will go to the PTAs!

Treasure Hunt: The Ride is a fun, interactive dark ride adventure the entire family will enjoy! Exciting game play, immersive scenery, realistic animatronics and a variety of very special effects combine to create a ride experience that is a “must see” for visitors of Monterey Bay.

Guests are invited to tour a newly discovered system of caverns located beneath Cannery Row. Legend has it that these caverns served as the hideout where the famous Pirate Captain Hippolyte Bouchard and his crew of scallywags hid their treasure.

Guests will be taken on a tour of the caverns in a vehicle equipped with interactive “Treasure Collector” devices helping them to explore and collect treasure within these subterranean tunnels as well as to protect themselves against the ghost of Captain Bouchard and his crew!

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